No Corner Rounding on your Edgebander? No Problem!

No Corner Rounding on your Edgebander? No Problem!

Posted by Luis Doval on 2023 Apr 27th

No corner rounding, no problem on your edgebander?

No problem!

The Casadei CRH to the rescue!

If you're in the cabinetry or furniture segments, you know how important it is to have precise, finished edges on your products. However, not all edgebanders come equipped with a corner rounding unit. This is where the Casadei CRH can be a game-changer.

The Casadei CRH is a standalone corner rounding machine, can be integrated into your edgebanding workflow. It's designed to accurately and efficiently round the corners of most edbanding tapes. This means that you can achieve a professional-looking finish on your products, even if your edgebander doesn't have a corner rounding feature.

With its accuracy, efficiency, and ease of use, the Casadei CRH corner rounding machine is an essential investment for any woodworking or furniture-making operation.

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