Time to replace the ICA Air Filters

Time to replace the ICA Air Filters

Posted by Luis Doval on 2023 Sep 29th

ICA Duster Air cleaners play a vital role in maintaining indoor air quality and promoting a healthy living environment. These devices help to remove pollutants, allergens, and particulate matter from the air, ensuring that the air we breathe is clean and free from harmful substances. However, to ensure the efficient and continuous performance of an air cleaner, it is crucial to regularly change its filters. In this article, we will explore the benefits of changing the filter on an air cleaner.

1. Improved Air Quality:
The primary purpose of an air cleaner is to trap and eliminate various airborne particles such as dust, pollen, pet dander, mold spores, smoke, and even certain bacteria and viruses. As the air circulates through the air cleaner, the filter captures these contaminants, preventing them from recirculating into the room. Over time, the filter becomes saturated with particles, reducing its efficiency. By changing the filter regularly, you can ensure that the air cleaner continues to perform optimally, leading to improved indoor air quality.

2. Enhanced Health and Well-being:
Indoor air pollution can have adverse effects on health, particularly for those with respiratory conditions like asthma and allergies. Dust, allergens, and other pollutants can trigger respiratory symptoms and exacerbate existing health issues. By maintaining a clean air filter, you can significantly reduce the presence of these irritants in the air, creating a healthier living space and potentially reducing the frequency and severity of respiratory problems.

3. Prolonged Lifespan of the Air Cleaner:
Regularly changing the filter can extend the lifespan of the air cleaner itself. When the filter becomes clogged and overloaded with particles, the air purifier has to work harder to maintain adequate airflow. This extra strain on the system can lead to increased wear and tear, potentially shortening the life of the air cleaner. By adhering to the manufacturer's guidelines and replacing the filters as recommended, you can help ensure that your air cleaner operates efficiently for an extended period.

4. Energy Efficiency:
A clean filter not only ensures optimal air purification but also contributes to energy efficiency. When the air cleaner's filter is clogged, the device requires more energy to draw air through the obstructed filter. This increased energy consumption not only affects your electricity bill but also has environmental implications. By regularly changing the filter, you can maintain the air cleaner's energy efficiency, reducing your carbon footprint in the process.

5. Odor Control:
Air cleaners equipped with activated carbon filters are excellent for removing odors from the air. However, as the carbon filter reaches its absorption capacity, it becomes less effective at neutralizing odors. Changing the filter on time ensures that the air purifier can continue effectively eliminating unpleasant smells, keeping your home smelling fresh and clean.

It's been some time since the last time you replaced your filters. Consider replacing the filters of your ICA Duster as per the schedule below:

Stage 1 - 2" Green Pre-Filter Pad (P/N 11703): Every 3 to 4 months.

Stage 3 - CF2R Activated Carbon Filter (P/N 11406): Should be changed by weight. Needs to be replaced if the filter weights more than 25 lb.

Stage 4 - MP85 0.3 Micron Top Filter (P/N 11602): Every 2 years.