Don't Waste Time & Glue

Don't Waste Time & Glue

Posted by Luis Doval on 2023 May 23rd

If you are currently using "ketchup bottles" for glue up jobs then the Pizzi system is for you! This no mess professional system will save you time and glue. The Pizzi pressurized glue pot system allows for a consistent amount of glue to be applied. With a vast array of application nozzles you can achieve effortless precision every time!


  • Constant pressure.
  • Consistent glue delivery.
  • Effortless operation.
  • Specialized nozzles and accessories.
  • Metered unit available.
  • Long life for the glue.
  • No mess.


  • General gluing.
  • Holes.
  • Grooves.
  • Edges.
  • Finger Joints.
  • Mortise & Tenon.
  • Biscuit Joints
  • Slots.
  • And more!