TC Academy proudly presents the Certified Moulder/Grinder training course, a dynamic program designed to empower operators with comprehensive skills in just two and a half days. This course combines hands-on experiences, engaging lectures, and discussions to focus on foundational and advanced techniques, ensuring optimal machine utilization and maximize productivity.

Tailored for all levels of Moulder/Grinder operators, from novices to seasoned professionals, this course promises invaluable insights to enhance proficiency. Each participant receives comprehensive documentation to take back to their job, facilitating continued learning and reference.

Upon successful completion, every student operator will earn the title of Certified Powermat Operator, a testament to their mastery of essential techniques.

The cost per student operator is $2,000, covering instruction at TC Academy on a Weinig X, a Powermat Handbook, meals, refreshments, and exclusive Taurus Craco swag to commemorate your training journey.

Join us at the TC Academy and unlock the expertise to maximize your woodworking machinery's potential. Secure your spot today.